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Top 4 Hybrid Identity and Access Management Solutions

Posted by Veera Sandiparthi on Apr 24, 2015 12:16:05 PM

Top 4 Hybrid Identity and Access Management SolutionsFinancial services CIOs and IT departments are facing new challenges with the growth of cloud-based applications and cloud-based infrastructure. How do you have any sort of identity and access management (IAM) when it is no longer just an intracompany issue, but consists of integrating on-site, cloud, and outside companies and vendors into the mix?

Recognizing the trends, major players in IAM have worked on hybrid identity and access management solutions. What follows is a brief description of four solutions.

1. Oracle Management Suite Plus

The Management Suite provides a highly scalable solution with single sign-on (SSO) from any device, flexible identity management controls including role-based identity administration and privileged account management controls, supports the user-centric identity standards like those of social networks, compliance reporting, and an API gateway to secure and manage APIs. Oracle has solutions for both public and private cloud users.

2. CA Technologies CloudMinder

CA CloudMinder provides enterprise level IAM for on-site and cloud-based applications and is highly scalable. It integrates with existing identity stores like Active Directory, supports social identities like those from Facebook and Google, has user management capabilities, and can be used alone or mixed with on-site solutions while managed from a single user interface.

3. Microsoft EMS

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite provides a unified solution for IAM over a wide variety of devices and domains, including cloud services. Utilizing one portal access to cloud apps, user self-management that reduces help desk workloads, and single sign-on for thousands of pre-integrated SaaS apps, EMS builds on Microsoft’s IAM knowledge of Active Directory and Forefront Identity Manager. It strives to provide a balance between ease of use and security.

4. Okta

Okta’s plan is to provide a phased approach that seamlessly integrates with existing IAM infrastructure and lets you ease into using Okta over time. Its goal is to smooth the transition from legacy IAM to Okta as a future-proof solution for all your web and network access management needs.  

Hybrid IAM Issues Aren’t Going Away

With companies heavily invested in existing infrastructure and software solutions, the move to cloud-based apps and infrastructure is being done gradually. Combining both on-site and cloud-based IAM will continue to be an issue that IT departments and CIOs will to have to face. 

The old identity and access management solutions are becoming outdated, less secure, and inefficient. For now, hybrid solutions can work to accommodate the new order of mobile and cloud-based apps, and multi-company collaborations.


Do you use one of the hybrid IAM solutions listed here? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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