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Oracle IDM Advantages for Financial Services CIOs

Posted by Veera Sandiparthi on May 8, 2015 1:09:11 PM

Oracle IDM Advantages for Financial Services CIOsFinancial services CIOs increasingly face new challenges in security and identity management. The rise of mobile and cloud applications and services in the workplace has made it more difficult to find reliable, secure identity management solutions.

Oracle IDM is a solution that works well as a stand-alone IDM service, or as part of a fully integrated suite that provides analytics, web security, federated services, single sign-on (SSO), and Oracle directory services.

Let’s briefly look at what Oracle IDM can do for you.

Oracle Identity Manager Features

  • Oracle Identity Manager provides for the management of privileges throughout the entire life cycle of user registration, access request, provisioning, and deprovisioning.
  • It’s completely scalable, which means it easily adapts to your needs whether you are a small enterprise or have millions of users.
  • By empowering self-service, Oracle IDM decreases the IT and help desk workload and lowers costs.
  • It’s the only integrated directory solution optimized for all access points including mobile, cloud, and social environments.
  • It emphasizes centralized user authentication and management, which makes administration easier and enhances security.
  • Password policies can be customized to be more complex where security needs to be hardened. When integrated with Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, challenge questions and one-time password procedures can be implemented.
  • It provides mobile security for smartphones and similar devices, and separates corporate data and applications without interfering with a user’s personal applications or data.
  • Oracle Identity Analytics has the tools to allow you to meet regulatory mandates and reporting, and makes compliance easier to maintain.

Oracle IDM is an All-in-One Solution

Oracle IDM does it all with a system that relieves CIOs of much of the worry about compliance reporting, security, and protection of applications and data regardless of where they are hosted – and it does it in a cost effective way.

For small and mid-sized enterprises, Oracle even offers “Oracle IDM in a Box.” This service removes the complexity and down time that can come from identity management installation by utilizing best practices right from the start.

Oracle experts can have it configured and delivered in around six weeks’ time. With breaches and hacks making headlines recently, financial services CIOs are under increased scrutiny to provide solutions that will satisfy their customers and clients. CIOs need look no further than Oracle to meet the demands and challenges they face in identity management.


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