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How Oracle Identity Manager Training Benefits Financial Services Firms

Posted by Veera Sandiparthi on May 29, 2015 3:00:00 PM

How Oracle Identity Manager Training Benefits Financial Services FirmsOracle is a full-featured identity management suite that offers solutions for CIOs to automate IDM, prevent fraud, provide security and minimize risk, and provide for comprehensive auditing and reporting for compliance, including SOX.

To maximize the benefits, there is training for Oracle’s Identity Manager available to make it easier for financial services firms to install, configure, implement, and manage the Oracle Identity Management Suite.

Oracle Identity Management Training Features

Implementing an enterprise IDM solution that provides the necessary security for financial services firms, while maintaining usability and compliance, can be daunting.  It becomes even more difficult when it has to be integrated with programs and policies already in place.

With its full feature set, Oracle Identity Manager makes the process easier – utilizing the training makes it even less worrisome.  The Oracle Identity Manager training will:

  • Instruct you in how to manage your identity management throughout the user identity lifecycle from request to provisioning to deprovisioning.
  • Show how to use the IDM features to simplify compliance with regulatory mandates.
  • Teach how Oracle IDM provides authorization and single sign-on throughout the enterprise – including establishing security for mobile devices without violating user privacy and personal data.
  • Provide instruction on how to best utilize Oracle’s Identity Analytics to manage roles and establish automated controls.
  • Show how Oracle solutions integrate with other Oracle products or existing infrastructure. You’ll be trained on the way Oracle IDM integrates with a variety of data repositories and directories.
  • Teach how to deploy across domains or to the cloud while reducing risk using Oracle products.
  • Demonstrate how to use Oracle products to strengthen security and reduce costs.

These are a few of the benefits you’ll gain from Oracle Identity Manager training. By the time you’ve finished, you will know how to configure, create, and manage user groups and organizations safely and securely. Moreover, you’ll know how to use Oracle’s tools to audit and report for ease of compliance.

Oracle’s Goal Is to Provide an All-In-One Solution for IDM

Financial services firms have extra security, regulation, and compliance issues that other enterprises may not. Financial services firms widely choose Oracle because of its large installed user base, customer service, and depth of its software.

Oracle has one of the best IDM solutions available to meet the needs of financial services firms, and getting training ensures you can efficiently and appropriately use those products.


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